I started feeding my four dogs v-dog kibble this past year. It was a great decision! They are all happy and healthy, and my slightly overweight lab has even lost some weight simply by changing her kibble. The puppies are thriving, my five-year-old boy has had most of his dry pads clear up. My eight-year-old lost about 5 lbs so far!

Kimberly F.

My Yorkie used to have pancreatitis flare-ups every other month on the protein, low-fat diet prescribed by the vet. Ever since we switched to v-dog mini bites, his symptoms have completely gone away. I really do love your product and promote it to all the dog lovers I know.

-Ileene P.

Once I made the switch and my Blue Heeler got to an optimal weight, his allergies and mystery ailments disappeared. My entire family switched all their dogs to a vegan diet, which included v-dog kibble and wiggle biscuits. Then my boss also switched all 4 of her dogs. I can’t say enough v-dog. So grateful to your company.

Jennifer B.

Earlier this year I transitioned to a plant-based diet, and I started wondering about doing the same for my dogs. I was worried about the quality of animal products in their food, and a friend told me about v-dog kibble. After some research, I decided to switch my dogs. My senior girl Willow has arthritis and knee problems, and her hips were starting to bother her. But I noticed within weeks she had more energy and was running, jumping, and playing again with my two-year-old pup. Thank you, v-dog!


My 130-pound seven-year-old mastiff mix has been enjoying v-dog kibble every day for two years now. He’s energetic, full of spunk, and his coat is LUXURIOUS. So glad I found this dog food for my sweetie. He’s thriving!


When I started my dog on v-dog kibble, he had itchy red skin and a very thin coat on his back. Now he has very little itching, and his coat grew in thicker. Thanks, v-dog!

Debra A.

My senior boxer mix LOVES her v-dog kibble! My girl has struggled with itchy, dry, irritated skin and coat. We noticed an improvement within days of starting the transition to v-dog. Never going back! Thank you for offering a safe, healthy, clean, and cruelty-free kibble option! My dog LOVES it!

Holli J.

Bernie has never been a food-motivated dog. It used to be a challenge to get him to eat his meals. But he LOVES v-dog kibble! I sprinkle a little nooch on it, and he goes crazy for it. It’s comforting to know he is getting everything he needs from a great vegan meal!

Sarah & Bernie, @professorbernie

Keiko had her blood work checked by her vet, and her diabetes numbers are great. This food is amazing!

Jesse A.

Since starting this food 2 years ago, my sweet doggie has had ZERO digestive or skin problems. Before v-dog, he was itchy, gassy, and threw up regularly. He’s happier, and I’m happier. Win-win!!!

Susan F.

I want to send a HUGE THANK-YOU and a shout-out to v-dog! Rocky was resting a lot more than usual, and it turns out he was beginning to develop heart disease. It was so bad that after running a short distance, he would pant heavily and have to sit down to rest. He was only 2 years old. Within a month of switching to v-dog, Rocky started to run and jump. Now he runs with his mommy and his sister, who are also vegan now. The heart disease is gone. Completely. I am forever grateful to you.

Laura S.

Kona has been thriving on v-dog since I rescued him in 2012! He loves the kibble and breathbones! My beloved lab Sundance had lymphoma. So I chose to feed Kona v-dog to give him a chance at a long, healthy life.

Joanne B.

My 60-pound lab mix is crazy for the breathbones. I give her one of the small ones in the evenings, and she runs around with it excitedly before sitting down to work on it. It takes her 5 to 8 minutes to eat it. They smell really good, like fresh fruit and cinnamon. I have not noticed her breath since I've started giving her these bones, and I used to think her breath smelled bad a lot of the time.

Petra L.

Both our hound mix and chiweenie love these breathbones! The chiweenie is very particular, and he goes nuts when I give him one. His breath has improved so much!

Elisabeth L.

I am so happy I decided to switch my dog babies to v-dog kibble!!! They love it! And I love that their teeth are healthier, and their breath is sweeter with the tasty bones!

Lisa B.

We're definitely staying with v-dog! It took Phoebe, our 9-year-old Toy Foxterrier, about a year to get through the first 20 LB bag, but she's a great fan! She's also really fond of the wiggle biscuits, so we had to get more of those :-)

Annika & Tona

All three of my girls adore these wiggle biscuits. They're mesmerized with them!

Cristina & Lassie

My 14-year-old pom mix Ozzy has allergies to animal protein. He loves his v-dog dry food mixed with vegan wet dog food, but he's very particular when it comes to treats. I've been vegan for over a decade now, and we've tried almost every vegan dog treat/chew on the market, but I've never seen him get so excited over anything else. OzzyDog loves the blueberry wiggle biscuits.

Coby K.

I love that you can break the kind jerky into pieces for smaller dogs. I think if you have a small dog, you might have a harder time getting them small enough, but mine is obsessed with these, and I use them are training treats. Love that they are high in protein and low sugar.