Everything you're wondering about v-dog and vegan dogs...answered!

About V-dog

Who are we?

Where is v-dog kibble made?

Where is v-dog available?

Vegan Dogs?!

Can dogs really be vegan?

Are there any studies on vegan diets for dogs?

Will my dog like the taste?

How do I get started?

Ingredients + Nutrition

What's in v-dog?

Is v-dog kibble a complete diet for my dog?

Do I need to add anything to the v-dog?

I thought taurine and L. carnitine came from animal products?

How much v-dog do I feed my dog daily?


My veterinarian does not support a meat-free diet for my dog. What do I do?

How do I find a vegan veterinarian?

Is v-dog veterinarian approved?

Special Diets

Can puppies eat v-dog?

Is v-dog ok for senior dogs?

What if my dog has allergies or a sensitive tummy?

Does v-dog help with weight loss?

Can diabetic dogs eat v-dog?

What if my dog is prone to urinary crystals?

Product Questions

How big are the kibble pieces?

How many cups of kibble come in each bag?

Which Breathbone size is best for my dog?

What type of packaging does v-dog use?

Does v-dog make any cat products?

Discounts and Pricing

Does v-dog offer any discounts or coupons?

Why isn't v-dog cheaper than other brands?

Subscriptions / Recurring Orders

How do I set up a subscription?

How much do I save when I sign up for a subscription?

How do I cancel or edit my subscription?

Shipping + Returns

How much is shipping?

Which carrier delivers my v-dog package?

What if there's a shipping delay?

Can I cancel my order once it has shipped?

What if my pup doesn't like the food?