Introducing our new formula!

Our new V-dog formula has no wheat, corn, soy, GMO or gluten and packs in 24% protein! Loaded with super foods, the new V-dog formula contains the perfect balance of essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals your dog needs to thrive. It took over two years to develop our new 100% plant-based formula. Pooch tested and planet approved, we are confident that our great new V-dog is one of the healthiest dog food formulas on the market and that your dog will woof it down!


  • Both of our senior rescues love both your food and breathbones. Hope to see more products in the future. Small. Treats for taking on walks would be great! We have told many people about your great products.

    Rachel Fishbein
  • My dog like this food but after researching there is an ingredient that I would Love you to explain me why is in the formula and is the fake vitamin K… hear can be bad for some dogs, and how necessary is this since other comercial food do not have it, could V-Dog do without it?? please explain

    Dinora Hedberg
  • We just received our 30 lb. bag of V-Dog this week and our family of dogs… large and small… LOVED IT! We mixed it with the older food to make sure it was an easy transition and one of the larger dogs picked out all of the older food and left it beside her dish. Thank you for making a dog food that we can feel good about feeding our six dogs.

  • From where do you derive your taurine?

  • I would love it if you could offer an all stages dog food as I have to keep feeding my boy a meat based food until he is 6 months old. Boo.

    Deanna Dotson

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