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Posted by Darren Middlesworth on July 12, 2012 29 Comments
UPDATE 3/12/2015 - We are currently not able to sell v-dog in Canada. We are planning on being back soon with two new great distributors! Please email with any questions. We apologize for the inconvenience...see you soon! 
- - - 

V-Dog is excited to announce we are now shipping to Canada!  Orders can be placed online at Please contact us with any questions or comments.

Thank you for your patience!

-The V-dog crew


Comments (29 Comments)

Good morning, I would like to order vdog for my 12 yr old shitzu, she has allergies, to corn, wheat and yeast, do you recomend this product? if so, do you sell in Ottawa, Ontario?

Posted by Gladys on January 06, 2014

What is your return policy? I just got a few 20lb bags delivered but my dogs appear to be allergic to V-Dog..they are scratching like there’s no tomorrow and they’ve never had that problem before switching to V-Dog a couple of months ago.

Posted by Tracey on October 16, 2013

I send you a email last week,but havent heard back,do you dilever to the uk,i have a ten week old lab,and want to start him on v dog,as soon as possable thank you carol

Posted by carol nolan on July 22, 2013

I have been feeding our 8-lb toy poodle V-dogfood for almost a year now! He loves it and is thriving! He has great breath and a shiny coat!

Posted by Kim K on June 29, 2013

Where is your food made? Does V-DOG own the plant ? Can i visit your plant? Our dog’s 100lb PIT and 5lb Chijuajua Love your product.My wife tried it on a whim .. and we have never looked back .. Thanks Bob

Posted by Robert Marier on June 24, 2013

My dog is doing extremely well on this food. She had some food allergy symptons prior to my switching her over to this food and all but the licking of her feet have dissapeared! It sure does feel good knowing that my dog can join me in living a life of compassion and be healthier for it!

Posted by Hillie on April 15, 2013

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! My dog Panzer loves your food. I just submitted my second order and you now have a life long member. I say life long, because I cannot have a home without a dog. I swear my dog has way more energy. She is 10 now and has finally joined the rest of the family and is a Vegan!

Posted by Heather Farrar on March 29, 2013

My dog loves this dog food!!! My bulldog had horrible gas when I bought him as a puppy, I put him on v-dog 3 weeks after I got him…. He never had gas since and its been about 4 months.
When will you introduce v-cat??

Posted by Michelle P. on March 26, 2013

It has been two months since my dog became a vegan with v-dog and he is brighter and happier because he no longer itches and scratches. BONUS: V-dog has a great customer service process. My last order was delayed and they included some extra as an amends. The relief of my dog’s allergies made me (and him) happy; v-dog’s customer services makes me loyal!

The pet stores within ten mile radius now all about V-Dog!

Posted by Alice Wheaton on March 10, 2013

Hi V-DOg team…wanted to let you know that since putting my dog on your v-dog food he no longer wakes up in the morning with goopey eyes and he doesn’t wake my at night with incessant scratching. Yeah!!! Thank you so much. I love my dog and I love having a vegan dog…just like me!

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Posted by Alice Wheaton on January 29, 2013

What size is the actual food? I have teacup Maltese and they can only eat very, very small pieces. How can I tell if your product would be suitable for them.

Posted by Marion on November 21, 2012

I have been a life long vegetarian who stepped up to a vegan diet. I was making my own vegan food for my three dogs, Belle a nine year old pure bred Beagle, Shadow a seven year old Goldie/Sheltie mix and Roaxanne a Jindo/Plott hound mix and was so happy to find Vdog. Preparing their food was just getting too time consuming. My dogs have been vegan for two years now and are healthy, happy and thriving. I feed my three kitties, Ashes, Fifi and Felix a fish based diet and wish there were a vegan food that was adequate and safe for them.

Posted by JosefineAnne Gobreville on November 15, 2012

BIG HUGS!! I’ve been waiting for this day. You have the BEST food around, in a time when other manufacturers are no long making veg dog food. YOU’RE THE BEST!!!!

Posted by Shamai on November 14, 2012

Do you offer auto-ship? I need 3 bags every month. Thanks

Posted by Barb on November 04, 2012

Dear valued V-Dog customers:

Thank you for your recent inquiries and testimonials! We greatly value your support and we apologize for delays on our V-Dog Blog page.

V-Dog is a nutritionally balanced formula for all adult (5 months and older) dog breeds and sizes, we have pooches of all sizes and shapes who have been doing great on our new V-Dog formula. Please see our Facebook page for more testimonials.

V-Dog is available online and is shipped FREE to any location in the US (1-3 business days) and with a $10 shipping fee to Canada (7-10 business days). We are currently expanding our retail business but in the meantime we appreciate your support and patience in ordering online.

Regarding Order Tracking: We will gladly provide this information to you within 24 hours, simply call the V-Dog 888# or email us with your request.
Regarding first time customers – We do allow a first-time ‘one bag’ order of the 5lb bag. Kindly call the V-Dog 888# or email us with your request.

Thank you again for your interest in V-Dog!

Posted by Team V-Dog on October 24, 2012

I’ve finally gotten to try V-Dog because I got a sample of it in my goodie bag from Thanksliving this past weekend at the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary.

My dog has been vegan for about 5 years (and my cats too) and he really loves the V-Dog pellets. I’ve been treating him with it, and he goes crazy for it; so do all the other dogs I walk.

I’m going to order some from you, but I’d like to give your information to a few retailers in my neighborhood who’d be interested in carrying it. Can I get some literature from you in the mail? Currently I’m just telling them to go to your website.

Posted by Beth Sopko on October 16, 2012

who do you ship with for Canada orders? Other than the 10$ shipping fee, are there payable taxes? Normally, when I order from the US, if the item is shipped with USPS (US Postal Service), there are no additional taxes/customs duties to pay. However, if it is shipped with UPS, it costs me a lot! I was SUPER excited to see that you ship to Canada and I hope that this is the start of a new relationship :)
Thank you!

Posted by Marie on October 14, 2012

First, @Jane H. — even if it “touched” another bag of dog food, it would still be vegan and have saved the lives of many animals.

Second, do you sell it in any Vancouver stores?

Thanks for this compassionate and noble product.

Posted by Bobbi King on October 13, 2012


I live in Ontario, Canada and I placed my first order yesterday. I am wondering how long does it take to be delivered.

Thank you

Posted by Eliana on September 17, 2012

I feed 160lbs of raw food per month to 3 large dogs. Would your V-Dog be a reasonable supplement to add to their raw diet?

Posted by Tom on September 13, 2012

I eat vegan and want to change my three dogs and four cats to a vegan diet. I need it to be affordable. I read about a lot of health risks for animals not getting all they need on a vegan diet like L-Carnetine/Taurine and more. What can you tell me about this? How affordable is your food? Do you know of others in the industry that have a good healthy product with no health risked and also sell Cat food? Thank you so much for being here! Love, Jamuna

Posted by Jamuna Llewellyn on September 11, 2012

Dear valued V-Dog Customers, thank you for your recent inquiries. V-Dog food is family owned and manufactured in small batches in California, USA. V-Dog food is 100% plant-based and contains zero animal products and never comes in contact with any animal products before, during or after production. We are as concerned as you are about what goes into our final product and you can rest assured that V-Dog food is 100% vegan and cruelty free.
Thank you for your support and interest in V-Dog food and please stop by and say hello if you see us tabling at Animal Rights and Veggie Festivals around the USA!
Team V-Dog

Posted by Team V-Dog on August 15, 2012

Dear Canadian V-Dog customers! Thank you for your recent inquires. Online orders to Canada will automatically incur an a $10 shipping fee. Shipping will take approximately 7-10 days, with shipping going out weekly on Fridays.
Thank you again for your support and interest in V-Dog food!
-Team V-Dog

Posted by Team V-Dog on August 15, 2012

Hi, how much is the shipping to Canada, Toronto? And how long untill is delivered?

Posted by Kate on August 12, 2012

Do you have a small sample bag to see if my dog will eat it because if he will, sign me up! I am a vegan and have been waiting for this. Ellen DeGeneres said on her show a short while ago that she was working on developing just this. did you collaborate with her? If not, you must definitely let her know what you are up to.

I bow down to you!

Posted by Alice Wheaton on August 09, 2012

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