Can my dog be vegan?

Here at v-dog, we see thousands of dogs of all lifestyles, sizes and ages thriving on a vegan diet. In addition to our testimonials page where you can view happy v-dogs and their personal stories, we have compiled some important information to guide you in the decision of whether or not to feed your loving canine companion a healthy, balanced plant-based diet. 




Here are some important informational links to consider:

1. Veterinarian Dr. Armaiti May and the benefits of vegan diets for dogs - watch video 

(To learn more about or contact Dr. May, please visit her website:

2. CNN article: "Vegan Diet for Dogs: A Question of Thriving Versus Surviving" - read article 

3. University of California, Davis research study determines dogs are omnivores: "Genome study pinpoints changes that turned wolves into humanity's best friend" - read article 

4. "Unlike obligate carnivores, such as the cat family with its shorter small intestine, dogs can adapt to a wide-ranging diet, and are not dependent on meat-specific protein nor a very high level of protein in order to fulfill their basic dietary requirements." - read Wikipedia article 

5."Vegetarian Diets Can be Healthy for Dogs" - read article

6. The Simple Little Vegan Dog Book - link to book 

7. Science Mag, "Diet shaped dog domestication" - read article

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