Allergies - drugs didn't work - v-dog did!

"I just started my Rottie on this wonderful food a few days ago, he has been having allergic reactions for the past three years now beginning with red, swollen, itchy, yeasty ears, to losing fur around his eyes and nose, and the last occurrence, he has had a purple/black circle the diameter of a large orange rimmed with a raised red circle for seven months or more now.

He has been on all kinds of diets, I was even making him his food at one point (he is a 100 lb rottie), was on antibiotics and steroids, and nothing helped, not even a bit. Four days ago he started on V-dog and his purple rash is fading, the red rim is completely gone, his ears are no longer itchy, or stinky and are a light peach/white color, fur growing back in. I am amazed and thankful that he is showing such progress, especially in such a short period of time. I cannot say enough about this fantastic food, thank-you V-dog!"

Jessica Lodgaard