Dasol Update!

"The new year is bringing a lot of joy for Dasol and our family! After fostering Dasol for a few months, we decided that we cannot be without this little guy in our lives and have decided to adopt him! Dasol, now named Benjamin, spent his first real Christmas with his new family and is ready to see what other "firsts" 2014 will bring. Around this time last year, Benjamin was experiencing some of the worst abuse imaginable and this year he is up to his cute little nose in toys, dog sweaters and V-dog Breathbones (his favorite!)

Thank you, V-dog for playing such a crucial role in Benjamin's healing process. He has gained about 4 pounds since he arrived, his coat is shiny and long, his dental health has improved dramatically and some of the scars from his previous abuse have healed thanks to the nutrition he gets in every bowl of V-dog. He is in love with his food (especially with a sprinkle of nutritional yeast on top) and even does a little dance when we pull the bag out of the refrigerator (he loves it when his food is cold) We are so happy to have him as our newest fur-baby and to have such wonderful food to feed him!"

Claire Harrison