ZERO - NONE - ZIP ear infections!!

"I have two rescues - Jackson and Dash. Jackson is a rat terrier. who knows what else mix. His breed is prone to ear infections and every year in the late Summer / early Fall he would get chronic nasty infections that lasted for months. The vet had him on antibiotics, steroid drops and oral steroids but it still would only slowly ease the symptoms. ​He has hearing loss in one ear because of this. We went through this every year. After the vet threatened surgery I started trying changes in his diet. We tried no gluten products, no corn products, no soy, etc...even had him on an allergy blend dog food. Nothing helped. That's when I discovered V-Dog. Since Jackson has been eating vegan (like his Mom) he has had ZERO - NONE - ZIP ear infections!! We breezed through the summer and fall seasons this year and for the first time - with no problems! We don't have the support of our vet unfortunately but there is no way we are ever going back. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"