A Food She Actually Enjoys


"I just wanted to write to you to let you know how incredible your product is. I am SO happy that I made the switch. Sky is absolutely loving the new food. I used to think that she was a "picky eater" but I now realize that she just wasn't happy with her Purina kibble. When I feed her now she eats up the entire meal in one sitting right when I put it down. She even gets excited when I open the drawer where her food is. Her 2nd birthday is coming up on February 3rd and I'm almost mad at myself that it took me nearly two years to put her on a food she actually enjoys but I am so happy that I found you and am confident she is going to live a long and healthful life. It's an amazing product and also an added bonus that I can feel good about making an ethical buying choice for my dog food that helps benefit the environment and animals as well :) I love everything veganism has personally brought into my life and am ecstatic I can share this lifestyle with my dog too!! Thank you again for all your help when I was making the switch. I would highly recommend this kibble to anyone!"


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