Sensitive Tummy Be Gone!

"My name is Angela and my three are the ones on the left: Taz, Baloo in the back, and Nala; the two on the right are Akira and Panda, both of whom are transitioning to a vegan diet as well thanks to your dog food. :)  I'm vegan and after doing some research to ensure that dogs can live healthy lives on a vegan diet as well, I began looking for vegan dog food companies.  Taz has a bit of a sensitive stomach and the first vegan dog food I tried didn't sit well with him, so I continued my search and came upon V-dog.  All of the dogs love it!  They've been on this food for over a year now and continue to be very happy and healthy.  I'd recommend V-dog to anyone (and do) and feel very fortunate to have such a great, trust-worthy brand of vegan dog food to rely on.  Thanks for being awesome, V-dog! :)"