Finally able to get my dog to eat!


"I cried out of happiness after being able to finally get my dog to eat. We rescued a pup who was found stray. She was spayed while in heat which could cause a ton of complications. She also got a bronchial infection while she was at animal services. We tried 4 cans of dog food, 2 dry kibbles, treats, homemade things. She would barely eat. I got the bag at the door when we actually needed to feed her so we could give her a cough suppressent and I was terrified... as soon as I opened the bag and handed her a few pieces she DEVOURED your food. She also loved the breathbones! Not only am I vegan but we really wanted to keep a vegan diet for our pup and were scared that we weren't going to do that. So thank you again for your amazing food and all that y'all are doing."


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