No more plaque, healthier skin, enjoying life! 

"Puddin' just had a check up. He's doing amazing and has now gained over 10 pounds since we adopted him, he loves his v-dog and veggies. His energy level is growing everyday. His skin is getting better and all the cuts, scars and gashes on his head are healing up nicely thanks to routinely bathing him with Dr. Bronner's Pure-Castile Soap. Oh and all the plaque on his teeth seem to have disappeared... maybe the v-dog? His personality is starting to blossom now that he's feeling more alive and he's starting to show his goofy little quirks- he sleeps on his back, he sits like a frog, he loves playing tug of war and even takes turns winning, and he has now mastered the game of catch with a ball. He is just enjoying life with us!"