No more goopy eyes and great bloodwork!

"Bella is an almost 9-year old Weimaraner. She has been on V-Dog for over two years. Prior to that, she was on Science Diet Light since she was two. She has never been fat, but was a little on the chunky side, even with the diet food and lots of running/exercise. After I switched her food, she leaned out more and looks like what a Weim should look like. Her energy has also increased! People think that she is around two or three because of how much energy she has. The vet was astonished when she looked at Bella's bloodwork prior to a surgery and it was amazing! Bella was not lacking any nutrients and everything looked great. 
Herb is an eight-month old French Bulldog who we got from a rescue when he was two-months old. After reading all the testimonials of others who started their puppy on V-Dog, it was a no brainer for us to feed him that. The biggest change we had noticed immediately was no more goopy eyes getting trapped in his little folds. He also has no lack of energy and has grown up to his adult size quite nice. He is not overweight like some bulldogs can get. He loves the food so much we even use it as his training treats.
Overall, we love V-Dog and could not (and would not) switch our furbabies' food for anything. They both love it so much and we feel it has helped with their health and well-being. I researched the food a lot prior to feeding it to my dogs and can honestly say it is the best food out there. I wish more people would look at the testimonials and information out there before jumping to conclusions that the dogs are lacking nutrients or they were not designed to eat a plantbased diet. Our two dogs are proof - one older, one younger and even two way different breeds - that dogs can and will thrive on V-Dog."
Chad, Stacy, Bella, and Herb