V-dog's help with Addison's Disease

"My dog has Addison's disease and for a while we thought giving her raw meats and cooked grains and vegetables would be the best for her. She continued to have hair loss and dry flaky skin. She would also get a addisonian crisis more often although we were giving her the proper dosage of medicine twice daily. After we saw v-dog and did our own research to see if a dog could really eat a vegan diet without suffering on one (we were skeptical at first), we bought Matilda her first bag and she loved it! Then I would say after a few months her hair has fully recovered and no more flaky skin! Now she is more energetic and has that puppy quality again. I would also like to say she hasn't had a crisis in years and we have also been able to reduce her medicine to once a day, with our veterinarian's approval. I would recommend this food to any doggie! Great stuff!"