Breathbones: a treat our girl asks for every night

"Our dog, London, a two year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, struggled with digestive issues and constant soft stool (or worse) for almost a year before we finally received a diagnosis of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) caused by food intolerances/allergies. We home cook for her (a recipe of cod/sweet and white potatoes/fresh veggies). We haven't stopped home cooking for her because she's been stable (no flare ups for +6 months), however, V-Dog Breath Bones are the only "commercial" products or treats that she can have without getting really sick. Plus, they smell absolutely amazing!! We love knowing V-Dog bones are vegan as the majority of our girls issues are with animal proteins. Thank you, V-Dog, for making a high quality vegan product that is good for our fur baby!! It's so difficult to find a vegan product on the market, especially a high quality vegan product, and we'll continue telling all of our friends about V-Dog. Thanks for giving us peace of mind, and for making a treat our girl asks for (and enjoys) every night!!"