This stuff totally lives up to the hype!

"Finn went vegan a few months ago. From the time Jon and I rescued Finn as a little pup, he had skin and GI issues (directly related to meat consumption). Scratching incessantly and, kid you not, the little 12 lb pup would clear and entire room after a meal. We had him on every steroid, antibiotic and horrible conventional medicine known to man, met with several veterinarians, tried shampoos, ointments, sulfur baths. We saw a holistic vet and tried supplements, elimination diets, so many different foods including but not limited to organic, limited ingredient, gluten free, soy free and even raw. There was nothing quite like slicing up raw bloody duck twice a day. As soon as we heard about v-dog and read the reviews, we knew we had to give it a try. This stuff totally lives up to the hype! It's definitely helped ease Finn's allergies and even my parents' dog who will only eat animal products likes it! The gruesome realities of what is legal in the farming industry is scary food is not regulated nearly as closely. Feed 'em like family!"