Cure for sensitive stomach

"Hello, I just wanted to let you know how great your V-dog food has been for our beautiful dog. She was a rescue from Nelson, BC over 3.5 years ago. I suspect it was because of her issue with IBS. She has always had a very sensitive stomach and I have taken her to the vet on numerous occasions over the last years to try to resolve this issue. They put her on their dog food for sensitive stomachs, sometimes she had to take antibiotics to calm down the IBS. It sometimes helped but often this issue would drag out for months at a time before it would settle.

Last year my two vegan daughters started their dogs on your food and they kept telling me to give it to Indy. I finally agreed and told them to get me a bag and I would give it to Indy - really just to keep them from nagging at me. 

Coincidentally Indy was going through one of her episodes and the vet was not able to get it to settle down after a month of treatment. In less than 3 days on your new food Indy's digestion had returned to normal. I didn't know if it was a coincidence or what as she had only been on her new food for 3 days but it was great. She has been on it for around 5 months never and has never had a recurrence with her digestion. It has been just great! Previously I couldn't give her steak bones to chew as it would always cause her digestion to flare up and would last weeks. But now I can.

She has a vet appointment coming up in a few weeks and I am taking the bag to him to show him how great this food has been for her. I tell everyone I meet too about your great dog food. Thank you!"

Lana Ashton