Great changes from v-dog!

"I wanted to share with you something that has changed with Cody. Four year old yellow lab. He's always been in spectacular shape. Full of energy etc. your typical lab with an amazing personality. I've always given him the best food money can buy. Usually the most expensive. And definitely organic. He never gets people food and his treats consist of a variety of fruits and vegetables. His favorites are baby carrots and apples. But he still loves his melons bananas.

Before v-dog he had issues with worms. The vet said it was from fleas, which he sometimes had, but other times as well. Since Cody has been eating V-dog, I think I just ordered my 4th 30lb bag, which he goes through in about a month, a couple things have made a noticeable improvement. He hardly ever sheds. I've gone from sweeping three times a week to maybe once. When he gets a bath it used to be a huge handful of hair, now it's just a couple fingers. I even once gave him a supplement from GNC for shedding and it was still a lot. Second is the worms went away. Without medication.

These may seem like just a couple simple changes but they have meant the world to me and I can say with certainty that V-dog is the only thing that has changed. Thank you!"

Seth Jacoby