Amazing transformation!


"I just wanted to take a moment to share a picture of our girls with you, and our reason why we switched to V-dog!

Our Ava Grace is 6 years old and has had multiple skin/infection issues for the past 2 years. She has had irritated, open sores all over her body! We were told many different things. First it was chicken. Then it was grains. Then it was an auto-immune disorder. Along with this, she had chronic ear infections. She was on daily medication and at times, had a steroid added to this! It was nuts! She was grumpy, in pain, lethargic, and becoming overweight. We had come to terms with the idea that this was just always going to be. She was always going to be uncomfortable. It was awful!

Being a vegetarian, I myself know the healthful benefits of cutting animal out of my diet. But I was always under the assumption that dogs just had to have meat in their diet. After doing some research, I found this not to be the case! That same week I came across a picture of a dog on Instagram who’s human switched them to V-dog and they were healthier than ever! So of course I instantly went to your website! And a lot of the people on there were all saying the same thing! Their dogs also had ear infections and “hot spots” that just wouldn’t go away. But after a few weeks of eating V-dog…eating a vegan diet, they were healing, if not already completely healed! So I ordered a small bag that very night. I decided to see if they would even eat it first.

Ava and Katie are Chows, and Sofie is a Great Dane, and they all LOVED it! They instantly ate it! That does not happen in our house! We have some pretty finicky girls! So I ordered a large bag. All three girls have been on a vegan diet, eating V-dog for a few weeks now, and it has been great! Not only have Ava’s ears cleared up, but her sores are going away as well, and she does not act as though she is in pain anymore! IT IS WONDERFUL!!! She has started running around and playing like a puppy again! I’m sure, being animal lovers yourselves, you know how great this made us feel! Our little Ava Grace is happy and healthy once again! On top of that, we’ve found that Sofie, our Great Dane, is no longer our “gassy girl” as we would call her. We just assumed that was an issue for her because she was a big girl. But now we’re realizing it was the food! And we weren’t feeding them the cheap stuff. We were feeding them a well-known, highly recommended brand that costs about the same as V-dog! …Now if only we could find a way to make a V-Cat food! Our five cats also love V-dog! They actually go to the dog’s dishes and eat BEFORE they go to their own dishes. Thank goodness our big girls are cat friendly!

Thank you for your wonderful product! Because of V-dog, our little Ava Grace can be a dog again-healthy, active, and happy! And it’s wonderful!"

Cori McLachlan

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