Finally, a great vegan chew!

"Here are my two doxies. They just received their first bag of V-Dog Treats and loved it. Their food has been vegan for years but I had trouble finding a treat that was vegan. Their dingo bones were literally the only non-vegan thing I purchased anymore. It frustrated me that I couldn't get them to like anything including the sweet potato treats on the market. They needed something long-lasting that made them feel like they were getting a treat well deserved and seems like this is the ticket and I am happy to say my dogs are now 100% vegan... Which makes all my purchases vegan. Again the dingo treats were literally the last item left!!! Btw the leather couch in background is 6 yrs old...prior to me changing my ways!! Rug is polyurethane, not wool. :) Highly recommend for anyone on the fence about if their dogs will like it."

Connie Spence