No more itching for these finicky eaters!

"We had friends rave about VDog and I thought they were kind of nuts...but they said their dog stopped itching and started eating all of its dog food. My dog's have been finicky eaters and even more bothersome, my dog's were always itching like crazy. So I figured it was worth a try to order VDog. I know that the recommendations on the packaging direct you to slowly incorporate VDog into you dog's daily diet...but I didn't. My dogs were in such misery that I figured, what's a little stomach upset? I suppose you can't recommend doing this, but it worked for us. There was no transitional time. The dog's bowel movements were firmer and healthier looking than ever before. The dog's began to eat every last bite of their food without hesitation. And the best benefit of all, almost miraculously, the dog's no longer itch...I mean almost NEVER! Within the first two days I noticed the change...I noticed that they were much more comfortable and the#itching had all but totally subsided. Your product is nothing short of totally amazing! I'm never going to give my dog's anything but VDog ever again!"

Peggy Crowley