Riggins' Amazing Recovery: No More Tremors

"I wanted to write you and thank you for the amazing products you sell. We have already placed our second double order of your dog kibble and expect to be making many more purchases in the future. A few months ago, one of our dogs, Riggins started having these bizarre fits where only his head would start to shake. At first we were concerned that he might be having seizures, but after tons of research and visits to the vet we have concluded that he suffers from idiopathic head tremors. From what we've read about them they are likely harmless to the dog but do produce a sense of stress and confusion for them. It absolutely broke our hearts watching him experience these tremors. He always looked so scared and helpless. It was getting so bad that he was having multiple tremors a day (usually at night while he was dozing off). Well!! I am over-the-moon ecstatic to say that since starting on your food, Riggins has yet to have another tremor. Not one! Thank you, thank you from the bottom of our (and Riggins') hearts. Your product gave us our healthy boys back and we are comforted to know that they will be around for many, many, more years to come ♥"

Melissa Charlton