Smells like a Princess!


"I just wanted to thank you guys for making a great product. I was very hesitant to put my dog on a vegan diet but after stumbling upon your product I decided to give it a go.

My dog Blue Ivy had a problem I termed chronic "penny butt" where her butt would smell like copper (I mean wreak) due to something weird going on with her anal glands. My vet couldn't really tell me the cause and no matter how often I got her anal glands expressed, it persisted. So I was convinced it had to do with her diet and I tried every expensive brand on the market. I spent a fortune on the best dog foods and even experimented with cooking her meals myself. None of these helped her penny butt.

About a week after I switched her to v-dog, the penny butt went away and it hasn't been back!!!! She's been vegan for almost 3 months and smells like a princess. I am very grateful to have come across v-dog."



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