Dramatic improvement for 13 year old Buffy

"The vet has just been round to give Buffy a check up and she was absolutely amazed at how well he is considering he will be 14 next birthday. She was happily surprised by his excellent muscle tone which she believed to have improved dramatically. A BIG change to the last time she saw him when we thought we were on a downward spiral. His skin was in a terrible state, he smelt dreadful, he was lethargic, stiff and in pain. I was giving him Metacam (doggie aspirin) daily. Since he started his new regime he no longer needs any meds. I honestly believe it is because we now have him on a vegan diet -V-Dog - and I add coconut oil and veggie pulp from our morning juices. Lying down behind you can see my retired racing greyhound who also loves his V-Dog. I cannot tell you how glad I am to have found you!"

Tisha Bryant