Softer fur and healthier

"This is our family of vegans! Prancer, what I like to call a BeagleBox (beagle boxer), loves V-dog and so do Mom and Dad! We feel that we should be willing to eat anything that we are going to feed our Prancer (we tried it, we don't eat it for meals!). Since eating V-dog Prancer's fur has gotten even softer than it already was, her skin does not flake when the air is dry, her muscle mass is continuing to define and her energy level is just as it should be for a 2 year old BeagleBox. When Prancer would get sick (for whatever reason), sometimes I would see whole kibbles (of her previous food). A lot of times I would not hear her crunching her food, she was swallowing it whole. With V-dog I hear her crunching away at meal time, I don't think she lets one get swallowed without being fully broken down! And, she has not gotten sick since she has been eating it. Thank you V-dog, you have saved us and now all three of us can decrease our environmental footprint!"

Melissa Stolz