Ikin is vibrant, healthy and happy

"Ikin is a one year-old mutt with DNA evidence of 6 different breeds. Her mother, pregnant on her first season, was found, half-starved and half-wild, and shortly after whelped 7 pups. We've had her since she was 6.5 weeks old and have fed her half V-dog and half normal puppy food until she was 5 months, when we switched her to completely vegan. Since my husband and I are longtime vegans, it's nice to have our dog follow suit. As you can see, she is vibrant, healthy and happy. Her energy level is high and that hasn't changed on V-dog! In fact, the only thing that did change is that her coat is softer and her stool went from soupy to well-formed. And she loves it! There is never the slightest problem with getting her to eat. We also love this product; for what it is doing for farm animals, for our planet and for the canine member of our family."

Diane Nicholson