Dr. Richard Oppenlander


"V-dog food is quite beautifully formulated from a nutritional and environmental perspective. By thoughtfully using only plant-based sources and production system, v-dog food is the most sustainable and compassionately packaged food for your dog. It has also set the standard from a dog’s health and welfare standpoint. I can confidently say this because my wife, Jill, and I have pressed this wonderful product into service for all the dogs at our animal rescue and sanctuary in Michigan and they have never been healthier—allergies eliminated, gastrointestinal disorders mitigated, dysplastic joints strengthened, lustrous coats, and so very many success stories. I am encouraged by the example v-dog food sets for the rest of the world’s pet food manufacturers and by the genuine stewardship of the family of pioneers crafting this product.

Almost all of the 25 million tons of pet food made in the world each year use livestock, fish, and animal by-products from unwanted carcasses, filler materials, and subsidized ingredients. If you have a cat or dog and feed it a commercially produced food, you are unwittingly contributing to unsustainable food production practices that are diminishing our resources on land and in our oceans, as well as to the escalation of climate change. 

Similar to our own food choices, most of us have no understanding about how dog food is produced or what deleterious impact it may have on our environment. The meat, dairy, and fishing industries have become quite powerful and are in a position to manipulate the political and economic aspects of our food systems. Many of the very same businesses that comprise these industries—large corporations that produce and influence our food choices—are the very same ones that manufacture most of the global supply of dog food. Over 80 percent of the dog food industry is dominated by only a handful of players. These companies have clear economic motives without much regard for optimal or relative sustainability as a metric for success. V-dog food, however, has their modus operandi centered on much different set of guiding principles—health, peace, and long-term vision.

It makes sense for everyone to consider feeding v-dog food to their faithful companions— for the sake of their dogs, and our planet. 

PS. Try the v-dog breathbones too. It’s a remarkable product, helping to achieve optimal oral health care!"

Dr. Richard Oppenlander

Author of the award-winning book, Comfortably Unaware

President of Inspire Awareness Now

Founder of Export Ope’s, an organic vegan food production company

Co-founder and operator of West Michigan Animal Rescue and Sanctuary

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