13 year old healthier and perkier!


"Hi! I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom to the top and through every nook and cranny of my heart. Millie, a now 13-year-old rescue pup and my very best friend for the last ten years, has in the last three months since we switched from cruelty-kibble to V-Dog become so much healthier that our family can't even quite believe it. I thought that she was getting a little perkier and picking up the pace on our as-the-doctor-ordered mere 20-minute flat walks every day, but as her enthusiasm and endurance on our longer-than-anticipated 1.5 hour hike (that involved a very steep long hill, and considerably rough wilderness terrain) yesterday proved, her heart is much healthier and her energy has boosted incredibly and even her arthritis is wearing away. V-Dog has in a mere three months turned back the clock on her body at least 3 years. So thank you, from myself, from Millie, and from the animals you've saved, who all deserve as much love as my little bear!"

Kelly Witwicki Faddegon

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