No more upset stomach

"This is our crazy deft dane Bessie! With being deft she has a lot of recessive traits, meaning she is sick a lot! We have tried all the top dog food brands but she still has chronic diarrhea. At first we thought it was a chicken allergy but feeding her home made food with chicken and she's fine. So I finally talked my wife into v-dog (I have been wanting to get her to a vegan dog food) however the big seller was "All Human Grade Ingredients". Not even Blue Buffalo - All-Natural Pet Food will do that, but they will still charge the same if not more per bag. So we ordered a bag, Bessie didn't like it at first however now she scarfs it down! Just after 2 days of being on the food all diarrhea has stopped, she is putting weight on again, and she has so much more energy. I really think v-dog has made her healthier in just a week than she has been in the last 6 months. Thanks for making such a high qualityethical, vegan dog food!"

Nicholas Gillespie