Allergy cure / fast shipping


"I have been so pleased with your product. I just ordered and received my 2nd 20# bag for my 3 dogs.

I am a vegetarian / mostly vegan - and have for years fed high quality dry food (like Orijen) or raw food to my dogs based on advice from holistic vets. Despite my distaste for the meat industry I wanted to do what is best for them nutritionally. They are my "kids".

My 14 year old dog was seen recently by a new vet who suggested a vegetarian diet for his allergies (that have been long term). I couldn't have been happier. While I would love to cook vegetarian meals for all 3 all the time (as my vet suggested), I knew as a busy professional that would be hard to maintain all the time, with 3 high energy breeds. So, I ordered v-dog to feed alongside whatever I had cooked and available.

My dogs are doing WONDERFULLY on V-dog. My youngest McNab/Border Collie rescue (1 year old) has finally stopped looking too skinny. My 14 year old Border Collie/Springer seems to suffer a bit less from allergies. I am thrilled to feed them something that is aligned with my own values while also meeting their nutritional needs.

I was so pleased that I ordered a bag late last week in a panic, not realizing I was running low, and it just landed on my doorstep via UPS within plenty of time. So many thanks for the work you do!"

Nicole Vito, Ph.D.

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