Health changed on v-dog!

"I just wanted to thank you so much for changing my dog's life. My pug Napoleon was suffering from chronic bladder stones and had gotten to the point where he was refusing to eat. Both of our dogs were constantly tired, had terrible gas and bloating and were tipping the scales. We tried various diets from Blue Buffalo to Orjen dog food until one day I had a light bulb moment...why not look for a veg friendly brand for our pups. We are a family of vegetarians for the health and animal friendly benefits so why don't we do the same for our dogs?! After reading the reviews, we decided to give v-dog a try. When we received our first order our dogs went nuts. They could smell the product through the bag and instantly everything changed. Napoleon is now eating like a champ and both dogs have slimmed down. No more stinky farts or diarrhea and no bladder stones to date! My dogs are back to playing again and my only issue now is the daily begging for the minty V-dog treats (which is understandable). :) We are so happy and thankful for your product. I will recommend you to everyone!"

Beth Nelson, Derek Collins & Family