Ringo is a v-dog Starr!

"Prancer, the beagle-box in the back has been a v-dog since July 2013 and is doing FANTASTIC. She is young so she didn't have any health problems that V-dog could solve, but it did increase her fur's softness and shininess drastically! It also increased her muscle mass to an optimal level for her breed!

Now to Ringo! When I adopted him he was eating Kibbles n' Bits and was a couple of pounds underweight, just to a point where I could briefly see some ribs. When I fed him his food he would not eat it, he ended up eating Prancer's V-dog from her dish, so I gave him some and, obviously, he ate it all! So, we had to feed him V-dog, he just wouldn't eat his other food after having that. Since then, and this has only been about a month since he has been eating it, he has increased in weight to a healthy size, his defecations have been extraordinarily healthy in comparison to prior when he had constipation problems. Ringo's fur has gotten ever so soft and shiny, as well, his teeth are cleaner than when he was eating his old food.

Thank you so much for this fabulous product, we are all so grateful!"

Melissa Stolz