Skin rash and allergies gone!


"I AM Littlefox, this is me, the Pom. Superfox, my alter ego. Puppydog by day and rescue everyday..."I am vegan cause my mom says living a healthy, animal cruelty-free lifestyle is the only way to go..."

I fell in love with V-dog the first time I ate it cuz it's the real deal "real food", I got empowered! The snacky treats just rocks the house knowing we're not gonna get tummy aches anymore. All veggie. How cool is that! My skin rash disappeared for good, no more allergies and my reverse sneezing stopped. I went to the vet and got a clean bill of health.

We eat nothing but V-dog...My mom sometimes will add lentil or add coconut oil and all that good veggie stuff. I sleep good at night knowing I had a good meal, exercise and a clear conscience that my animal friends weren't eaten.

My sister Kaylie is my newly rescued sister who also loves V-dog. She's a blue nose mix. She was rescued last year, was on the kill table and rescued a few minutes from being euthanized. Mommy had her pulled despite some challenges because Kaylie came from out of state. Saving a life and eating V-dog is a woof woof in my book. Our mom is super cool. She tells everyone about V-dog...Our family of vegans support your work and all you do! Thank you for saving lives! We're V-dog customers for life! Yours truly,"


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