Adios, allergies!

"Oggie started to have many skin issues when he was 2. His tear stains were bad and he often suffered from ear infections. Not to mention his farts were awful!  Since switching to v-dog food 2 years ago we have noticed many positive changes. His coat has a nice shine to it and all his skin irritations and allergies are no longer there. No more gnarly farts and his ear infections are minimal as long as we manage his cleaning every few days. Oggie is quite the love bug and can't resist cuddles, kisses and snuggling. Oh and he loves stealing your seat! 
We started feeding Emma v-dog food as soon as we adopted her. Her coat is still like a puppy at 4 years old and everyone comments on how soft she is as a full grown pup. She is extremely playful and loves to frisbee in the backyard and have visitors. She manages to steal the hearts of everyone she meets."
Chrissy Sefchik