Allergy symptoms gone in less than a month!


"We are so happy to report that Atticus has officially transitioned to a 100% vegan diet, thanks to V-dog! 

Atticus had red buildup around his mouth and eyes - his eyes were always blood shot red. He would stain anything he would rest his face on. 

The reason he was on a raw lamb diet was because I was told it would be best for allergies.

I can’t believe that in less than a month, all the build up around the mouth and eyes is gone! His breath doesn’t smell like a fish market anymore and his skin no longer has rashes. I feel like my dog has been suffering for years and I had no clue...I’m literally in tears. This whole time I was made to believe that it was because he’s a white pitty and their skin is just naturally sensitive. This is a blessing, I am so thankful to see Atticus looking great from the inside out. Totally worth the extra poop we now have to pick up. 

Thank you! Thank you!"


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