Athletes in top condition


"I've fed my dogs V-dog since late 2013, I think.

My current two have eaten it ever since they've been with me - 2 years and almost 6 years. They are athletes in top condition and their coats are glossy and beautiful.

The Blonde (Shamwari) is a driven skijor dog and can run 8 miles with barely a break. The black boy (Rufaro) goes along mostly to keep her in line when she has a hissy fit.

I have very little use of one arm, so I've been teaching them to pull me on my stand up paddle board  (we call it SUPjoring). The other evening they swam a good mile pulling me on the board. Rufaro is the focused lead dog in this sport. 

I have had blood tests run on my previous older dog and my black dog  and they have always been fine.

Thank you for your product!"

Diana R.

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