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"After using V-dog for over 3 years, it's safe to say we are hooked and for good reason. Before V-dog, hot spots, allergies, and skin irritations were the norm for our English Bulldog. He used to suffer from such bad hot spots and allergies that we'd see the vet once every six months for really big flareups. One doctor even recommended that he take six Benadryl per day. He was a zombie dog on one Benny so there was no way we were going to give him six regularly. We knew right away that we needed to find something else.

Once we realized there was a pattern, we started to see that his food was to blame. Immediately after eating, he'd rub his face against walls, couches, rugs, and anything else that could scratch the itch. Sometimes it was so bad that he just tore up his skin. We'd come home from long days at work to a poor bully who was so irritated.

After working for a holistic dog food company, I was given plenty of food recommendations. We tried game meats like venison as well as things like duck and rabbit and after a few months of being on them, we started to see the flareups forming each and every time.

We also noticed that some foods created a brown oozing goop out of his wrinkles. It was disgusting and meant that we had to clean his wrinkles 2-3 times per day to keep up. We didn't realize this was connected to the food we were feeding him, which, mind you, was not cheap by any means. We were spending a fortune thinking the more expensive food would solve the issues (vet formulas did no work either).

We tried major brands, local ones, and no matter what, the combination just didn't work for our guy.

One random night, I came across another bulldog parent on Instagram who was talking about V-dog. He raved about how much it helped his dog and mentioned a similar story of having to deal with skin irritations and allergies. His story hit so close to home that we decided to give V-dog a shot right then and there. This was the best thing we've ever done for his health.

Our English bulldog has not had a hot spot in over three years and no longer takes Benadryl. His coat is so bright white and soft that we get compliments on it all the time. Both my father-in-law and mother-in-law (and my family) rave about how much whiter his coat is and how good he looks. They still can't believe that he's completely vegan but they believe that it changed his life just like we do. We no longer have any oozing messes coming out of his wrinkles either. These are just as bright white and clean as the rest of his coat.

We are so grateful for the V-dog team and cannot recommend their food enough. We've even switched two more bulldogs on to V-dog and they've seen just as many positive results as we have. We truly believe that V-dog helped our bully live a normal, itch-free life. If only your food could help reduce his stubbornness too!"

Devan Ciccarelli

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