Best (Vegan) Dog Food on the Market!


"We've had our two little dogs on V-Dog basically since the day we got them, which was only 2 months or so after they were born. It's been over 2 years now on V-Dog. They both love it way more than any other vegan food we have tried. Never had any health issues. People always comment on how amazing their coats are and how happy they are, and the vet always has good things to say as well. It's funny because now, they will absolutely refuse any food or treat that isn't vegan, raw meat, bacon strips, w/e, they just turn their noses up and walk away. I don't even tell them to not eat it, they just don't like it apparently. They'd rather snack on a carrot stick or romaine lettuce xD

One big reason why I like V-Dog is that they took the time to make sure the formula is high quality, fortified with all the vitamins and minerals that a vegan diet doesn't naturally come by in sufficient quantities, and balanced so I never have to worry about them getting the nutrition they require.

I've had people breakdown in absolute tears when they hear my dogs are vegan, begging me to change my ways... then they meet them and they never say another word lol."

Paul A.

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