Breathbones for the Win!


"I love the smell of these things, but they're not for me. What do my dogs think? Well, last year during V-Dog's discount buy, I bought 1 case of Breathbones. We used other vegan chews through the year, until one day I gave each of my dogs a choice - Breathbone or other (which they used to love). They both, in separate rooms, chose Breathbones. Plus, as their mama, I love the fact that they are totally digestible without leaving pieces in (ahem) poo. Honestly, one of my dogs has a sensitive tummy, so we were thrilled when she can eat these and digest them so well. I always gift at least one bag of these to my unbeliever non-vegan-dog-feeding friends and their dogs go nuts! Keep it up. This is them, waiting for their chews."


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