Changed my pup's life


"My dog Pepper has been using v-dog for a little over a year and a half now. She started when she was only a year old because she had severe allergies to most dog foods on the market. They would cause her to lose her hair, have insatiable itching and a loss of her energetic spark. With the help of v-dog she has been able to recover and we have seen that spark come back into her. My now almost 3 year old pup has more energy than I could have ever imagined for a fully grown adult dog now. I am so grateful that v-dog has the ability to be used on dogs in all stages of life, being that it is a perfectly balanced diet. If that had not have been the case I don't know what I would have done. It also gives me great peace of mind that my dog won't be consuming terrible "food" filled with all sorts of nightmarish fillers. She deserves the best, that's why she eats v-dog!"

-Kilee C.

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