Chief wiggled for the Wiggle Biscuits

"First off, I didn't know vegan feeding was a thing for dogs. After trying these treats for Chief, i'll definitely be trying some other treats and the food.

My 4 year old German shepherd dog, Chief, LOVED these. Mind you, he's not the most picky when it comes to treats but I an tell he enjoyed these since he nudges at the V-dog treat bag over the other treat bags near. It's funny to see such tiny treats for this massive dog, BUT as a maltipoo dog owner as well, I love to not have to break down treats to accommodate for my maltipoo, Tully.

The Wiggle Biscuits smell VERY good and they're very healthy; especially for a wheat/grain/corn allergic dog who has skin sensitivity. I cannot feed just anything to Chief but I feel safe giving him these treats, even currently while he's having issues with hot spots. I know these treats will NOT irritate his stomach or his allergies or his skin.

I will definitely be recommending these treats!"