Clear skin and yummy food!


"I would LOVE to see more animals on a plant-based diet.  So much healthier and it cracks me up that they love it!!  Not to mention, I am not afraid to touch it like the other animal based foods.  

Some of the great things that have happened on V-dog:

- My walker-hound had horrible skin issues.  We tried EVERYTHING!!  Diet change, drugs, herbs, animal communicator.  We started feeding her V-dog and within three months, her skin was almost completely clear.    
- The little black and white girl had gained weight and once on V-dog,  lost almost 2 lbs and is now active again. By the way, she is around 12-13 years old!
- The last little girl, the blond chi mix, is not a veggie kind of pup but absolutely loves this food!!"
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