"I have been in conflict for a while feeding my dogs an animal-based diet. As a vegan myself, it went against my ethics, but can a dog be vegan? I was nervous. Hugo, our newest rescue of 4 months, is underweight and we were having a very hard time getting him to eat. I feared a vegan diet being the right choice for an already compromised dog, but the animals being harmed to feed my pups were weighing on me, so I bit the bullet, and what a perfect bullet it was! The day I brought the first bag of V Dog kibble into the house Frankie had her nose glued to it. I opened it and offered a taste. She ate it, and then came the drool (yes, both of my dogs are highly prone to drooling when the food is yummy). Then it was Hugo's turn. Again...drool. My dogs love it!!

Hugo was a runny boy (and I don't mean the chasing kind of runny) and became a solid boy immediately after the transition from their carnivore kibble to V Dog was complete! 

Frankie has frequent recurrent ear infections. We are hoping her issue resolves as well as Hugo's, though we know that may need more time. Frankie also had two knee surgeries and we've been told arthritis is a given in her future, or is it??

Here is a picture of Frankie (the reclining girl) and Hugo (the boy sitting on her, which she clearly was not happy with).

Thank you V Dog!"

Talya L.

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