Digestive issues disappeared!

"This is Indy, our black lab/border collie mix boy, with his best friend, Gizmo, our yorkie terrier mix girl. They are both 11 years old and going strong!

When we adopted Indy two years ago, it wasn't long before we noticed digestive issues that would come and go but were becoming more and more frequent. No traditional food, dry canned, expensive or otherwise helped. 

We heard about V-Dog through Emily from Bite Size Vegan. Being vegan myself, I was excited to try a cruelty free food for our furbabies.

Within a week, Indy's digestive issues decreased and within the first month they were gone.

Both Indy and Gizmo are strong, healthy and active still, even at 11 years old. Our vet said they passed their senior check ups with flying colors!"

Madeline Howell