Eye boogers and hot spots disappeared


"I can’t believe my dog is vegan but I couldn’t be happier! For a long time his eating habits were not great. He was picky with his food, would barely eat, and definitely didn’t eat regularly even though he had a regular feeding schedule. His allergies were terrible, he was itchy all the time, had terrible eye boogers, his chest and inside of his legs barely had hair, very thin. Since he’s been on this food he’s not itchy, his eye boogers are a thing of the past, he barely gets them and we only have to clean his eyes every few days now, and no more pink skin showing! His chest and legs are full of hair! But most importantly he’s demolishing his food as soon as we feed him! He LOVES it. He eats in the morning and the evening where before he would wait until after 10pm to eat when I think he would finally just eat because he was that hungry. And I just want to say we fed him top of the line dog food that was out of our budget but we were willing to do whatever it took in hopes of finding him a food he would enjoy. I could go on and on about this food. Thank you. This food has truly given us peace of mind. Our dog loves it."

Erika H.

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