FINALLY a food that relieves Hugo's allergies!


"I have two senior dachshunds. Chachi is 9 and Hugo is 11.

Hugo is a senior rescue. I adopted him at 9 years old (2 years ago). He was on deaths door when I got him. He has continued to have incredibly itchy skin and ears. Before V-dog we were going to the vet every three months for an allergy injection that was not a cure but a bandaid. Once it wore off we were back to where we started if not worse. I am vegan myself and have been following you online and seeing the incredible stories of other dogs healing.

So, I gave it a shot and I am BLOWN away by the change in both of my boys!

1. They absolutely LOVE the food and the bikkies

2. Hugo is a brand new different dog. Within just 2 weeks the itching and scratching has all stopped! I am in disbelief myself!

3. Hugo’s coat is stunning and no longer falling out in clumps. He used to shed like crazy. You couldn’t even pat him with hair falling out.

THANK YOU so much!

If anyone is on the fence about taking their dog vegan with V-dog, I’m here to tell you don’t waste another day!"


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