Foster pup Tofu loves v-dog!


"Just wanted to share my families story with you. Our furry family member Kipper passed away in April and he loved v-dog kibble! He wasn't a vegan as a puppy but around the age of 4-5 years old we switched him to your kibble and he adored it.

My family learned of the Humane Society closing down a dog meat farm in Korea. They rescued 50 dogs that they sent to their facility in Canada. We live in Illinois but we learned that the Humane Society in Indiana was getting 5 of the dogs. One July 18th we went to Indiana Humane to pick up our foster dog. We have never fostered a dog before but they needed emergency fosters and we wanted to help.

The breed of dog that we are fostering is a Jindo, and we named him Tofu. They gave us dog food both dry and canned along with hot dogs. Tofu has his own room in our house, and we are not allowed to pet him, walk him outside, or really anything. Of all the dogs that Indiana received Tofu was the most fearful. We just go into the room to clean up, give food and water then leave. Tofu growls less and less when we do this, its not an attacking growl just a growl that lets us know he's uncomfortable.

We have a baby gate in the door opening, when we walk by we are supposed to throw him a treat. By doing this he hopefully will think seeing people means good treats! We used the hot dogs, but he didn't eat them, we gave him the food that they provided us, but he wouldn't eat that either. On the second day I gave him Tofurkey chicken and loved it!! So I was like hey we still have a bag of v-dog from Kipper. We gave him a full bowl of your kibble and lets just say we've had to refill it again! He loves v-dog just like Kipper! Tofu is vegan like us!

Thank you so much for making a fantastic product!"

Anna Jurik

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