From chronic skin issues to gorgeous coat


"Thank you on behalf of Chinny and CA Shar Pei Rescue! I adopted Chinny 6 years ago and have been dealing with her chronic skin issues, allergies and ear infections for about 5 of those 6 years.  I tried EVERYTHING.  Last prescribed diet was raw food with goat milk - being vegan myself, you can imagine how tough it was to feed that but I did it and it only made matters worse.  She started balding, her ears were draining constantly (the raw food 'expert'  told me it was detox) and she was eating her paws until they were bloody and raw.  Thousands of dollars and months we are, feeding V-Dog and having a 6 year old with a gorgeous coat, improved ears, no biting paws and acting like a puppy again!

I am so happy to have my beautiful pup back, thanks to V-Dog!  I volunteer with CA Shar Pei Rescue and we now have all of our adoptable dogs on this food as well.  I tell everyone about it and hope others give V-Dog a try!"


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