Happy, Healthy Trio!


"I have to write today because I knew this food was changing my dogs' lives but today blew me out of the water. I have three dogs, Drover (9 yo Chihuahua), Lady (8yo Long Hair Chihuahua), and Dandy (2yo English Mastiff). I have always fed "top shelf" brands and given supplements but my dogs are responding SO well to V-Dog it makes me re-think everything!

Drover has always had weight issues and we could never get a handle on it. He was eating next to nothing on the old food, once a day, but still was overweight. One month in I saw him slim down and have a "waist" again. He runs more and I have even been able to feed him more (within the guidelines). He loves the food and the mix-ins you all suggest on social media too. His GI is definitely healthier and you can tell he feels it too. A very happy pup on V-Dog!

Lady has always been a little less outgoing but when she was younger she would jump on the couch and play wrestle with Drover. However, I noticed she was slowing down in recent years. Her and Drover both have mild arthritis, but I was worried that it was bothering her much more. I had to carry her more than him. She would be slow on walks and have to be carried to keep up. I tried joint supplements and the whole deal but nothing seemed to help. I could tell her energy was picking up one month in when she would ask to go out earlier in the day than normal and actually spend time in the yard walking around. In recent weeks she even runs back to the house when I call her. But today just blew me out of the water. I was walking her food over to her and she jumped on the couch! Lady eats on the couch but usually I lift her up (she won't even do the stairs some days) but she JUMPED! It is amazing to have my spunky girl back!! She loves V-Dog!

Dandy is a rescue I have had for almost a year now. She has a lot of fear issues we are working through and is a very timid girl about everything, even eating. She has always been an athletic build, not the typical stocky Mastiff look. It always had me concerned that she was not getting (and had not gotten) the nutrients she needed. Dandy is a little less than a month in on V-Dog and her whole mood has changed about food and feeding time. She is SO excited for meals she spins and spins before I can get to her place. She will stand there and lick her bowl well after she is done eating. She has filled out and looks more like a Mastiff these days. She is much happier with this food than any other I have brought home. I can't wait to see the benefits of having her on V-Dog long term!"

-Brieanah S.

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