Happy pups, happy pawrents


"Pretty stoked about Keggy's mini bites! We were crushing the big food before and decided to try the mini bites. I didn't expect them to be so small, but that is not a bad thing! I thought I would still have to crush the mini bites for him, but they are absolutely the perfect size. 

Little Keggy is a puppy mill rescue and has two teeth, so soaking them will be so much easier and we won't have to put in all the leg work to crush the big food.

Also, his kidney enzymes were really high when we first got him 2 years ago. I mean a lot was done to care for him initially since he was rescued in such a poor state of health. Anyway, I don't know if it was giving him a plant based diet or a combination of that and lots of love and nurture, but his kidney enzymes were completely normal at his last check up. Thank you so much for all you do! 

P.S. - Pogo (on the right and our other lovable rescue) loves your food too! He has no complaints. Happy pups, happy pawrents. :) "


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